Portraying Employee’s Intrapreneurial Behaviour In A Banking Office In Semarang


  • Oei Kiky Meliana Diponegoro University
  • Mirwan Surya Perdhana Diponegoro University


intrapreneurship, intrapreneurial behaviour, job characteristics


This study aims to portray the intrapreneurial behaviour of employees at the credit card branch of Bank Central Asia, Kantor Fungsional Perbankan Transaksi (KFPT) Semarang. Since intrapreneurial behaviour occurs within the organization, it is relevant to examine which factors in the organization can stimulate intrapreneurial behaviour. This study is a qualitative method, using interviews and documentation in the data collection technique. Based on the results of this research, employees' job characteristics as the antecedents were expected to affect employees' intrapreneurial behaviour in the way the employees do the work task and behave. The results of the additional data show that KFPT employees have quite high intrapreneurial behaviour. Therefore, it could be seen from the interviews, how the job design that has been made by the company has led to behaviour that exhibits innovative behaviour in employees which can be linked to employee intrapreneurial behaviour. According to the findings, the more of the characteristics regarding autonomy, skills, problem-solving and networking perceived in employee job design, the more intrapreneurial behaviour will exhibit. It is important to note, that the job characteristics differ in terms of their strengths in terms of intrapreneurial behaviour. The application of these job characteristics will be different in the office even though within PT. Bank Central Asia.




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