About the Journal

APMMI manages the Journal of Contemporary Research in Business and Management (JCRBM).

The Alliance of Indonesian Master of Management Programs (APMMI) is positioning itself as an institution that guides the best practices of MM education to improve the quality of MM education in Indonesia. APMMI is expected to be an institution that can provide motivation and set operational guidelines to its members to achieve the national quality standard of MM education, capable of producing graduates that follow the times and meet the needs of business practices and national management. In the future, APMMI is expected to encourage national MM programs to meet international quality standards in accordance with the purpose and objectives of the establishment of APMMI.

One of the ways to facilitate APMMI members to publish their research worldwide is by producing the JCRBM. The Editors and Editorial Board of the JCRBM are committed to championing original academic papers demonstrating the method, academic rigor, and integrity. Such a journal has a small yet significant role in helping to enrich a more comprehensive understanding of a raft of issues in business and management: strategic, operation, finance, human resources, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The JCRBM is a respected platform for scholarly endeavors and welcomes your interest.